Kenny K C Lin

Kenny K C Lin was born on 12th September, 1978 in Hong Kong. His primary studies were with Dave Branter and Julia Nolan at Vancouver Community College. He started playing professionally following his graduation in 2000, performing in TV shows, radio board cast and music festivals. He went back to Hong Kong in 2007. He then join Happy-Go-Lucky Bigband in 2011 that features Eric Miyashiro in 2012 and 2013. May 2012 he performed in the Hong Kong Summer Jazz Festival-Sax Unlimited with Rosario Giuliani. In December 2012 he formed m.a.R.K. with bassist Marcus Ho, percussionist Anna Fan and pianist Ricky Wong. m.a.R.K., published ‘Jump Start’ in 2013. He appeared on stage at the Beishan Jazz Festival, Beishan World music Festival, Beishan International Jazz Day, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Hong Kong International Jazz Day with m.a.R.K. in 2013 and 2014. In July 2013 he formed Musicholic, a music education group for primary and high school students with trumpetist Maisy Lam and trombonist Samson Tsoi. Since 2014 he is endorsed by Theo Wanne Mouthpieces and Instruments.