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ICA ClarinetFest 2017 Orlando. Saturday 29th July 2:30 PM FOUR NEW BROTHERS Synge - Cornelius Boots (2006) Don't do it yourself! - Oguz Buyukberber WORLD PREMIERE Serendipity - Stephan Vermeersch WOR...

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Gregory Agid
Interview with Our young artist, Gregory Agid
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It is a privilege to be the featured artist in this episode of "Beneath the Bubbles." Huge shout out to Josh Starkman, Max Moran, Alex Joseph Hall, Brian Richburg Jr for being amazing musicians, bandm...

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Introducing one of the most inspiring clarinet artists of this generation, Dr.
Ralph Manno

Source: svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2016/07/28/musikens-bergsbestigare-gastar-osterbotten


It should be a happening and it must be energy-intensive and touching. Ralph Manno wants to give the audience an exciting experience. It's so exciting that you continue to go to classical concerts.

I already decided as a young guy, full of sporting, painting and watching girls, focusing on classical music.
He experienced the classical music as exciting, contentious and with so many possibilities. The music was and is still an adventure, like climbing Mount Everest or diving in the ocean, he says. And the feeling of embarking on an exciting adventure, that feeling he wants to give his audience to the concerts. He wants to remind people of the wonderful musical culture in which our entire life comes in.

Today, Ralph Manno is one of the most sought after clarinetists in Europe, with a long and impressive track record.

Rather live music than slices

Ralph Manno is not a friend of recordings, as he thinks are pale reproductions of real live concerts. He compares comparisons with adventure and outdoor activities.

- You can for example Be in the Himalayas in a square, you feel the taste and smell of all spices, you know how the sun burns, you see the mountains and suddenly you notice how someone pulls a knife and threatens to rob you.

- The following level of experience could be to film this event in the Himalayas. Then you see the spices but do not feel the taste, you see the mountains two-dimensional but do not notice the sun's heat. This level can be compared to a live recording of a concert.

- The third and lowest level comparable to a record recording is to enter a studio, create scenes of the Himalayas and rent actors acting. In other words, the situation is not real without a simulation. A record recording is like a photo. It is not the whole music experience but often edited, cut and edited.

What I want to say is: Go to concerts! Then you always get fresh current interpretations.
Also, they are not perfect, do not have the best acoustics, or the artists are not Maria Callas or Vladimir Horowitz.

Nevertheless, Ralph Manno has made a lot of CDs, but he ended up over 10 years ago.

"When I was young I wanted discs as a kind of business card. I also wanted to finish various projects by eg Say "this is my Brahms sonata". But after two years, I noticed that they were ruined. I had changed as a musician, moved on, and now I wanted to do a second version of the same work.

In fact, he has made two recordings of Olivier Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" and he is pleased with both but today he would like to make a third recording.

Outdoor enthusiasts

Ralph Manno often compares music with outdoor activities and loves open landscapes, places without people, open skies, rocks and rocks. Born as he is in Sardinia in the Mediterranean, he loves sun, rocks and sea. He has been alone in Iceland in the middle of winter and he would love to go to Lapland. Speaking of the Himalayas, he had plans to do a climbing and skiing trip with a good friend, but his ski rhyme was not the best.

"I am not Finns without Italians," he blames. During a skiing exercise, he injured his knee and it does not mean any Himalayas for his part. But the alps are there and there you do not always have skis to get there.

Ralph Manno can be heard live during the music festival Korsholm 27.7-4.8.
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David BlumbergTell ya why - I get to hear it as often as I wish, wherever I want to, at whatever volume I wish, and without people coughing in the background.1 week ago

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Standing ovations after Mahler 7 at Alan Gilbert's farewell co...
Mahler Symphony 7 was amazing. With endless standing ovations, Dir. Alan Gilbert recognized Silverstein Pro Team Artist, Wenzel Maria Fuchs who has performed unforgettable solos during the concert.
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Silverstein Pro Team Artist, Jose Franch-Ballester ... See MoreSee Less

Jose Franch-Ballester plays Sonatina for Clarinet Solo Op. 27 by Miklós Rózsa. I. Tema con variazioni II. Vivo e giocoso Filmed in Lliria, Spain. April 2017....

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Our Pro Team Artist, Wenzel Fuch visits NYC to perform with New York Phil at Alan Gilbert Season Finale: A Concert for Unity. Like every time, we have learned a lot from the great artist and Pascual Martinez-Forteza in this joyful dinner.

Find more information about the event at nyphil.org/concerts-tickets/1617/alan-gilbert-conducts-season-finale

With Wenzel Maria Fuchs, Pascual Martinez-Forteza, BK Son and Calvin Son
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A beautiful performance from our friend, Tommaso Lonquich.

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Live in Italy, at the Mantova Chamber Music Festival 2017. Tommaso Lonquich, clarinet Quatuor Zaïde Charlotte Juillard And Leslie Boulin Raulet, violins Sara...

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Korey Riker Anthem
Our Pro Team Artist, Korey Riker at M.L.B.
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Saxophonist and recording artist, Korey Riker, performed the National Anthem on June 2, 2017

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