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Silverstein Clarinet Contest





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Letter from Silverstein

Dear participants, judges, and supporters of Silverstein Clarinet Contest,

I am proud to share with you that this year, 2022, marks the fourth year of this global competition. Year after year, this competition quickly grew in popularity, participation, and multi-national coverage.

But we lived in an entirely different world when we first launched this contest.

In 2019, for many of us, traveling was relatively safer and more accessible, in-person interaction wasn’t considered a luxury, and in general, the world health and economy allowed for better circumstances. With a little bit of planning ahead, we could essentially travel to any destination in the world that piqued our interest or appeared opportunistic. Back then, there were simply more possibilities and less reasons for hesitation to physically chase our dreams.

But there are people that recount “pre-Covid” times differently. These individuals have been on the opposite side of opportunity their entire lives, not just in the recent years. Geographical and financial limitations hindered them from proper education, mentorship, worldly exposure, and other dream-chasing opportunities. And they are the reason why Silverstein Clarinet Contest exists.

Silverstein Works and its judging hosts share the common belief that all young musician should be given a fair and proper chance to showcase their musical talent without barrier. This is why we welcome anyone from anywhere to participate - it is entirely free and virtual from start to the end.

This year we had 87 contestants joining from 25 countries around the world (including Ukraine), and 79 judges that kindly lend us their ears. It was a full spectrum of beautiful music.

Congratulations to all the contestants (and their parents and mentors) for the artistry, passion, and courage to be a part of this competition. It’s an honor to be able to witness the blossoming days of your musical careers, and we are excited for the mark you will leave for the world of music.

And thank you to all the judges for your generosity and for believing in this cause. This event is a product of your love and selflessness for music, and we very much appreciate your commitment to the world of clarinet.

We hope that you’ve all enjoyed this year’s Silverstein Clarinet Contest. We will continue to work hard to deliver our promise again next year.

Stay safe and healthy, and I wish you all the very best on behalf of the entire Silverstein Works family.


Calvin Son/ President


The 4th Silverstein Clarinet Contest

1st Place: Paweł Libront

2nd Place: Szymon Mikuszewski

3rd Place: Marco Conti Bellocchi

Honorable mention: Jan Bostl

Honorable mention: Ioana Tomescu

Shining Talent Award: João Sousa

Shining Talent Award: Chris Dechant

Shining Talent Award: Sofia Yakovleva

Shining Talent Award: Mira Kim

Shining Talent Award: Daria Romosan

1st Place: Rafał Kleszcz

2nd Place: Tomas Milerius

3rd Place: Grigoris Vasiliadis

Honorable mention: Natálie Hrdová

Honorable mention: Natale E. Tomarchio

Shining Talent Award: Luisa Gehlen

Shining Talent Award: Drew Gilchrist

Shining Talent Award: Yuxuan Sun

Shining Talent Award: Luís Melo

Shining Talent Award: Dmytro Kyryliv