"The Silverstein “LEO” saxophone mouthpiece is what happens when everything is done the right way. Warmth, pitch, projection and balance - The “LEO” has it all. This is a mouthpiece that will surely suit the demands and needs of saxophone players for generations to come - regardless of the style or genre of music they favor."

-Greg Osby
Crafted from a fine 1920s forumla eburnated German rubber bar, LEO is born to exceed the warmth and control of historical vintage mouthpieces.
Medium-to-long facing allows users of any variations of reeds to play exactly to their desired effects. LEO is sold in openings 5, 6, and 7 to match the flexibility of the player’s tone and resistance.
Intonation, articulations and dynamics have all been taken into account when designing the geometry of the chamber and baffle to achieve consistent results regardless of the instrument being played.
Each mouthpiece is inspected, play tested, and hand finished by our own master craftsmen to create the best possible combination of tone, volume, and flexibility.
The uniquely shaped brass collar adds stability and harmonics as well as offering world-class aesthetics.
Each LEO is individually identifiable with a unique serial number.
*Shown with HEXA ligature-sold separately.
Leo speaks beautifully from a whisper to a roar for both classical and jazz performance.
*Shown with HEXA ligature-sold separately.