Custom made clarinet mouthpiece

Perfect Companion for ALTA REED

LEO 101

More control

This mouthpieces showcases thin side rails with a medium tip opening. The shape of the table add much needed resistance to softer reeds. The thin shaped rails provide quick response and clarity. It works best when paired with Soft to Medium reeds.
LEO 102

For free blowing

Completely different from the 101, this mouthpieces features wide side rails with a medium-closed tip opening. The wide rails give the reed more maneuverability when setting it on the mouthpiece. It works best when paired with Medium to Hard reeds.
Difference of rails and openings between 101 and 102 mouthpieces

The mouthpiece on the right is the 102 with the wide rails. The table is fairly straight giving you ample room to set the reed. The wide rails promote a darker tone. The contour of the rails and table of the 101 (on the left) promote the resistance needed for the softer reeds. The thin tip rail features quick response and clarity. Both mouthpieces share the same window.
Each mouthpiece is inspected, play tested, and hand finished by our own master craftsmen to create the best possible combination of tone, volume, and flexibility.