With the World’s First Post Injection Fine Tuning (PIFT) process, AMBIPOLY MAESTA CUT is not only emulate the feel and playability of the finest cane reeds but also produce a resonant sound of unparalleled quality. Experience the exceptional, as MAESTA offer the perfect fusion of performance, texture, and sound reminiscent of the best cane reeds available.


  • Exceptional Articulation which enables precise and clear note execution.
  • Versatile Tone to flexibly control sound and achieve a balanced tonal spectrum for various musical styles.
  • Enhanced Projection that ensures excellent resonance throughout all registers for a powerful and resonant performance.
  • Easy playing makes every note sensationally fluently without any extra effort.
  • Unprecedentedly long life time expectancy of 12 months delivers a unprecedented saving of time and money.
  • Unique cane-like surface prevents slippage and provides stability, which enables musicians to find their sweet spot for optimal playability.
  • The Wolds’ First and Only 6 month Reed Life Guarantee.


To make the revolutionary reed, we developed entirely new manufacturing processes no one have used before.

High Precision Double Injection Molding (HPDIM)

A unique polymer is injected into the core with exceedingly high pressure. This exceptional material forms the backbone of the reed, enabling it to adapt seamlessly to the contours of a mouthpiece curve during the break-in period.

Simultaneously, the second Ambipolymer is injected onto the outer surface of the reed, crafting its entire structure, including the tip. This secondary material absorb moisture, akin to natural cane, which is essential in producing a sonorous and aesthetically pleasing sound, ensuring a rich and captivating musical experience.

Post Injection Fine Tuning (PIFT)

Each reed undergoes individualized fine tuning to optimize its performance. It also creates a distinct and unique Tip-Print on every reed for the best  performance akin to a high-quality cane reed.

The second phase of the process involves a delicate surface treatment that bestows a cane-like texture upon our synthetic reeds. This intricate treatment enhances the tactile experience, replicating the feel of traditional cane reeds while producing a resonant sound of unparalleled quality.