• What is the function of the black rubber pads?

The sole purpose of the black rubber pads that are found at the bottom of the bridge piece is to prevent possible damage to the mouthpiece. While these pads provide protection, they also absorb sound which can hinder the ligature from its maximum potential. If a minor scratch does not concern you, removing these black rubber pads is recommended for optimal performance.

  • What are fine tuners and what do they do?

Fine Tuners are the metal components of the Silverstein Ligature that allow the player to easily control the vibration of his/her reed. By changing the positions of these Fine Tuners along the cord, the player is able to easily adjust the focus and color of the sound. Positioning the Fine Tuners closer to the reed decreases the tension on the cords that are in direct contact with the reed, thus allowing the instrument to project a brighter sound. Positioning the Fine Tuners further from the reed increases the tension on the cords that are in direct contact with the reed, thus resulting in a darker sound. This mechanism is a patented technology that gives the player the special ability to truly pinpoint the exact sound specific to his/her preference and style.

  • How is the Cryo4 Gold different from other ligature models?

Before assembly, the metal components of the Cryo4 Gold Ligatures are frozen to -300° Fahrenheit. This process, called Cryogenic Treatment, realigns the metal molecules into a more stable state. The result is a more homogenous solid alloy that allows sound to travel through it with minimal interruption. The Cryo4 Gold Ligature, therefore, has unprecedented resonance and natural, unbiased clarity in sound.

Cryo4 Gold Ligatures also come with one additional pair of Fine Tuners (4 in total).

  • How do I determine the correct ligature size to fit my mouthpiece?
  1. Go to < http://www.silversteinworks.com/picking-right-size/>.
  2. Look up your mouthpiece brand and model in the sizing chart.
  3. If you do not see your particular mouthpiece, scroll down and download/submit the COT form.
  4. For further questions, Use <Contact Us> for assistance.
  • What is the shipping turnaround?

3-5 business days for domestic (U.S.) shipping. Expect an additional 3-5 days for engravings.

  • What is the return policy?

Customers have 14 calendar days to return an item starting from the date of receipt. To be eligible for refund or exchange, all returns must be presented in the original packaging, with all contents in their original state as sold, with the purchase receipt (or other proof of purchase).

Use <Contact Us Page> for any further questions.