Winners of Silverstein Global Clarinet Contest








Letter from Silverstein

Dear Contestants of SCC 2020,

Thank you for taking part in the Silverstein Clarinet Contest 2020.

Today, we are proud to announce the winners of SCC 2021.

I understand it takes countless hours and nothing less than a wholehearted commitment to successfully master a piece. The energy and dedication was apparent in every one of your performances, and I am grateful to have witnessed such talent from 35 different countries all over in the world.

This year’s contest was much more competitive than last year’s, and concluding to just a few selection of winners was no easy task. I truly regret that we cannot recognize all of you. But I am more than certain that you are all winners in your pursuit and path of music, to which I’d like to send my sincerest congratulations.

I would like to also recognize and sincerely thank every one of the judges. This contest was made possible solely based on voluntary participation from the Silverstein Inspiring Pro Team. This team of world renowned artists generously shared not only their valuable time but also their career-long expertise in judging this year’s contest.

With a belief that online contests such as this can increase interest in the clarinet world and can provide unconstrained opportunities to musicians globally, we will continue to work and improve to host another successful contest next year and many years after that.

Thank you again to all the contestants of SCC 2020.

We look forward to seeing you next year.


BK Son


Silverstein Inspiring Pro Team

Alphonso Melo Silveira
Arek Adamski
Barbara Borowicz
Blake Arrington
Céleste Zewald
Christopher Greco
Christopher Kirkpatrick
Christopher Nichols
Cindy Lin
David Blumberg
David Cook
David Van Maele
Dr. Caroline Hartig
Dr. Raphael Sanders
Ecesu Sertesen
Gabor Varga
George Georgiou
Hidemi Mikai
Hudson de Sousa Ribeiro
Javier Llopis
Jessica Phillips
John Cipolla
Josep Fuster Martinez
Joshua Gardner
Jozsef Balogh
Julia Heinen
Kathryne Pirtle
Kristine Dizon
Lara Diaz
Larry R. Linkin
Leslie Craven
Luca Iovine
Maryanne Lacaille
Michael Breaux
Miguel Espejo Pla
Milan Rericha
Milos Mijatovic
Miura Kolji
Nancy Braithwaite
Nicolai Pfeffer
Nuno Silva
Olivier Patey
Pablo Barragan Hernandez
Paul Roe
Peter Cigleris
Piero Vincenti
Radovan Cavallin
Ralph Manno
Raúl Traver
Reiner Wehle
Rocco Parisi
Sabine Meyer
Scot Humes
Sergey Eletsky
Seunghee (Sunny) Lee
Simon Reitmaier
Slavko Kovacic
Stefanie Gardner
Stefano Cardo
Stephan Vermeersch
Steve Cohen
Steve Silverstein
Thomas Piercy
Virginia Figueiredo
Wenzel Fuchs
Whatson Cardozo
Wonkak Kim

Junior Division

1st Place: Bence Bubreg (AT)

2nd Place: Eduard Khorozyan (AM)

3rd Place: John Burton (US)

Honorable mention: Ostap Bachynskyy (PL)

Honorable mention: Luisa Gehlen (DE)

Senior Division

1st Place: Magdalena Lipska (PL)

2nd Place: Minchan Kim (KR)

3rd Place: Aleš Tvrdík (CZ)

Honorable mention: Marcos C. Rodriguez (ES)

Honorable mention: Eric Schultz (US)