Your OmniGuard can be as thin as 0.1mm (0.0039inch)

1. To make it thinner, melt with hot water.
2. Put on a flat surface and press it to the thickness you want.
3. Let it cool down and melt it again with hot water.
4. Mold on your teeth while the film touches teeth.
5. If anything goes wrong, simply try again.

Greg Osby (Saxophone)

The Silverstein ONMIGUARD is a long awaited solution to sore lips and gums for woodwind players that dedicate long hours to practice and performance. The product molds to the necessary shape and dimensions for a snug and proper fit. Having a couple on hand at all times is essential, and I would recommend OMNIGUARD to all serious players.

Seunghee Lee (Clarinet)

Love it!💕 It’s a game changer! One of the BEST products created to enhance longer clarinet practicing and sound production. Congratulations to Silverstein Works!! It was wonderful to take part in making a great idea become a reality!

Milan Milosevic

I can't express how GREAT this thing is on my lower lip! The feel is natural, pressure points seem completely unaffected, and the stress point on a lower lip is elevated to the point of no pain at all, even after many hours of continuous play! This is not made just for the comfort of playing, as it rather opens up the new window to several more hours of productive practice performance during the day! This helps in the clarinet altissimo register, as it widens the tonal focus ever so slightly, and it adds to reaching the greater timbre evenness throughout the clarinet range.

Nicolai Pfeffer

OmniGuard heißt eine neuer Zahnschutz von Silverstein Works. Anders als Butterbrotpapier oder diese Folien zum Selbstschneiden, passt sich der Kunststoff nach kurzem Erwärmen haargenau den Schneidezähnen an, ist hygienisch und total formstabil. Für Profiklarinettisten ist es meiner Meinung nach fantastisch - genau wie vom Zahnarzt! The OmniGuard by Silverstein Works is just another wonderful useful tool that I really love! I use it every day and I can only recommend other colleagues to give it a try. It’s very stable, hygienic, easy to use and feels very comfortable/natural while playing! Thanks Silverstein Works!

Matthias Schorn

I am very happy about the new OmniGuard.  It fits perfectly to my teeth and compared to some self-made paper-strips which I was using before the OmniGuard tool helps really to protect my lips in a professional way! Especially when I am testing new reeds and changing reeds a lot I appreciate the perfect protection. Also when I am using it in concerts i have the feeling that there is nothing between my teeth and lips, it feels like OmniGuard belongs to my body!

Sarah Watts

The omniguard from Silverstein Works fantastic and more importantly very comfortable and easy to use. I really like the fact that you can remould it - you simply roll it up like a piece of gum and start again if you need to initially experiment with thickness and to find the best solution for you. The days of cigarette papers that disintegrate into your reeds are over! In addition to being used by all players of all standards, this will be very appreciated by anyone with braces too. This product is pure Silverstein genius!

Simon Reitmaier

Today I received my OmniGuard Silverstein works package!! it´s just amazing, wonderful feeling to play, perfect materials!!! I´m very, very happy!!Congrats to Silverstein works!! You are the best!!Thank you so much!!!

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- Lip protector for all wind musicians
- Precision fit
- Non-slip, secure positioning
- Comfortable even when speaking
- Magically customizable in just a few minutes
- Braces compatible
- Re-usable, re-moldable
- For upper and lower teeth
- Easily washable
- Made with biomedical grade material
- Made in the USA
- Patent pending
- Including tweezer and carrying case
- Multi-lingual manual
- Estimated product lifetime: 12 months

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- Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before usage.
- Be careful when handling hot water.
- Keep away from children.
- Do not swallow.
- May be a choking hazard.

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