Rocco Parisi -Renowned Italian Clarinetist

"Hi everyone, you guys are not gonna believe this but i'm playing with a Silverstein Ambipoly Reed and guess what? the sound is exactly the same as cane reeds that we know very well. Obviously, Ambipoly reed has a lot of advantages and features that the other reeds don't have. For example, one of the main advantages is the fact that the Ambipoly Reed is reliable in all weather and it is more resistant to humidity and other factors that could influence the performance of the artist. So I WARMLY INVITE YOU TO TRY IT !!!!! "

Milan Rericha – CEO/ RZ Clarinet

The reeds are incredible ....this is really the product which can change the future all direction of playing ...sounds incredibly, keeps same equal intonation in each register and is endless flexible..makes me feel to play on and on ....and the biggest advantage is that it behaves like proper cane reed but longer you play better it gets...and is beautiful by design! Ambipoly is better than any cane reed I have ever played.

Scot Humes – Principal Clarinet – Monroe Symphony Orchestra / Associate Professor at the University of Louisiana

“What I really like about the Ambipoly reeds is the consistency throughout all of the registers. It gives a really low foundation of the sound, and more stability in the altissimo. Intonation seems quite good as well.  For me, it has a great level of resistance.”

Dr. Caroline A. Hartig Professor- The Ohio State University / Past president of International Clarinet Association

It is quite remarkable and the tips regarding break-in and soaking are essential. I love the richness of tone and fullness which is missing on the others synthetic reeds. I think you have a huge winner here!!!  Also articulation is superb!!!!

Larry R. Linkin – NAMM Past-President/CEO

“I have found that the ALTA Ambipoly reeds produce a warm, slightly dark and easily produced sound.  Plus, they last much longer than any other I have played!”

David Thomas – Principal Clarinet – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

“I love the ease of dynamics with this reed and it’s likeness to a natural cane reed.”

Nancy Braithwaite – Professor, Royal Conservatory, The Netherlands

“Clarinetists alert! I'm very excited by the new Silverstein Alta Ambipoly reeds. The intonation, articulation, ease on the air, balance, flexibility and sound are excellent.”

Dr. John Cipolla – Professor of Music (Clarinet & Saxophone), Western Kentucky University

“The Alta Ambipoly reeds play very nicely. They require soaking prior to playing. The have a rich, full sound up that is easy to control and color…. The consistency between the two reeds (3.5) that I played was very good. This is not the case with other synthetic reeds, which are very inconsistent in strengths listed on the reed.”

Stefanie Gardner – Prof. Glendale Community College

The Alta Ambipoly reeds are simply amazing! I'm in the middle of a 5 week run of Wicked off Broadway doubling on Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, soprano sax, and bass clarinet. It is comforting to pick up these instruments and play solos without worrying about soaking reeds first. The ambipoly reeds play more consistently than cane with a beautiful sound, excellent response, and even intonation throughout all registers.

Kristine Dizon

"As an active musician and teacher, I have to travel a lot, which also means that my reeds have to adapt to wherever I go. The ambipoly reed is such a wonderful invention since it is a combination of both cane and plastic. It is such a great solution when my reeds are having a difficult time adjusting to the different climates I travel to. It produces the warm sound that I want and it has the sensation of a cane reed. Highly recommended!"

Michael L. Breaux – Professor, New York University

“A plastic reed that you can scrape! A real game-changer!”


Greg Osby- World renowned legendary Jazz Saxophonist

Silverstein has achieved a solution to what has been an issue for woodwind players for ages. Their AMBIPOLY woodwind reed offers the appropriate amount of resistance and great response in all registers. They produce a tone that is very authentic, centered and focused. I recommend the Ambipoly reed to players of all genres, either as a back up for a cane reed during special instances or as a full substitute conversion.

Andrew Neu

"I was really impressed with the reed. I played it at Yoshi's in Oakland, Birdland in NYC and in Vegas. The response is amazing. It has a wide dynamic range. I also found that it centered the sound and even felt more in tune."

Henrique Portovedo

“The new Ambipoly reeds by Silverstein are definitely a vision for the future. Silverstein is bringing a new level of science and technology into the game of woodwind players. Performance wins, Music wins!"

Koh Mr. Saxman – The Famous Thailand Jazz Saxophonist

I chose AMBIPOLY since it sounds much better than any other synthetic reeds. Synthetic reeds are always ready for my concert at any place and so much reliable. I have recorded my new CD with Ambipoly Clarinet and Saxophone reeds.

Juan Alzate – Renowned Mexican Saxophonist

The Ambipoly saxophone reeds are the best I've tried and offer great sound, projection and control, they can be used in the context of the classical saxophone and in the jazz and more contemporary music without any problem, they can also be adjusted, which makes them a great choice in every way. Definitely the best choice today for every professional.

Won Yong Kim – Saxophonist, President / Federation of Korean Music Performers

Ambipoly reeds always sound full dynamics in all environment. Once properly paired, it last very long without change of sound and playability. Ambipoly reduces time and effort to select a reed. A great evolution for all wind musicians.

Jeongsik Lee- President of Korea Jazz Association

ALTA Ambipoly Jazz reeds outperforms any other reeds on the market by far. Ambipoly reeds exceed my expectation in every measure and they have been getting better as I get used to.

MARQUINHO COSTA – Renowned Brazilian Jazz Saxophonist

The comfort, sensation and density of a cane reed with the resistance, stability and precision like no other synthetic, Everything we woodwind players always dreamed of is realized at ALTA AMBIPOLY reeds. I love them.