The Most Advanced CLEANER

For Woodwind and Brass instrument & Beyond

Clean Accessories in 3 min.

OMNICLEAN has been made and lab tested to clean your woodwind and brass instrument accessories in 3 minutes. In addition, the fully automated cleaning cycle rejuvenates and extends life of your precious cane oboe and bassoon reeds as well as synthetic.

Advanced Sensor Technology

OMNICLEAN has an advanced sensor technology which eliminates the need for a switch to operate. With the innovative sensor design, operation of OMNICLEAN becomes so easy and safe. All you need to do is to close the unit. Everything else is automatic.

Powerful Drying

Powerful BLDC motor and fan removes moisture in 2 minutes. Fresh air is filtered by an embedded replaceable filter which is important to eliminate possibility of virus and fungi growth. It also maintains good condition of mouthpieces, reeds and any other product treated with OMNICLEAN.

Clean Everything

Universal mounter of OMNICLEAN can accomodate anything that can fit in the cleaning unit (~50*50*90mm / 19*1.9*3.5inches). OMNICLEAN can clean any personal items as well as most woodwind and brass instrument mouthpieces, and reeds (max. length of mouthpiece is 112mm/ 4.4inches)

Woodwind, Brass & Beyond


FOR EVERYTHING else than Mouthpiece and reed

Convenient &  Stylish


200 Seconds per cycle


USB - c