We are nearing the end of our annual Silverstein Clarinet Contest, and this year we are witnessing a brand new wave of amazing talents from around the world. The contestants displayed a spectacular level of musicality, ambition and courage — each in their own individual ways, and we would like to thank this year’s participants as we cheer them on their musical journeys!
Without further adieu, please help us congratulate the following finalists of the 2024 Silverstein Clarinet Contest:
Junior Finalists
Anna Botár
Arsen Balayan
Atakan Balik
Ethan Kasparian Weisman
Jino Pieviläinen
Joan Ivorra de Trazegnies
Michał Pokrzywa
Serafim Martsinkov
Skylar Li
Thomas Young
Tomasz Grzebień Grzebień
Senior Finalists
Alicja Olekszak
Joaquin Chavez
Kamil Janas
Meng Junchen
Natale Emanuele Tomarchio
Szymon Mikuszewski
Věra Drápelová
Víctor Serrano Llamas
Yurii Padkovskyi
Zane Gim
Ziyi Wang


All of these artists are voluntarily helping make this event happen.
Without their support and effort, the event would not be possible.

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