Saxoclone – Frederic Basquin & Gino Samyn

“When we tried the Silverstein ligature Cryo4, we immediately fell in love it. We’re very impressed by the facilities of play in the low sound. We have discovered news harmonies in the treble and we’re heard high frequency that we don’t hear with others ligatures… We love it!!!!” ~Frederic Basquin & Gino Samyn

Saxo Clone was created by three talented musicians: Frederic Basquin, Gino Samyn (saxophonists) and Pascal Thibaux (pianist). These two saxophonists have studied in the prestigious French school of classical saxophone, and their warm and expressive sound makes for a unique musical experience. After a full year of concerts and master classes in France and abroad (New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Portugal …) a memento of these unforgettable musical moments had to be made. Saxo Clone then decided the record their first disc: “French Connection”.

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