Márcio Pereira

“Since I tried the ligature from Nuno Silva months ago I wanted to try them more and, this August I had the chance to meet Mr. BK and Mr. Calvin in Camerino and try them there. Since I changed my mouthpiece a few months ago, I was having problems finding the right flexibility for colour changes in my sound. Fortunately, with the Silverstein Ligature it’s now solved. I have plenty of it, letting me do what I do best, playing clarinet, with the conditions I need to a performance full of freedom. When I spent time with it I also could notice that a regular reed becomes a good reed. So, a good reed becomes a fantastic reed, the ones you want all of them to be. It improves the quality of my material. The construction of the Silverstein Ligatures is taken to the smallest detail. Not a loose string end, not a scratch, even the box is very well made. Completing the package, the Omni Cap provides me a solution for when I take a small rest and don’t want to remove my reed. It really keeps the moisture on the reed, ready to play as soon as I remove the cap. That being said, I can only say that I bought three of them. Cryo4 Gold for both Bb and Eb clarinets, and the Original Silver for Bass Clarinet. And that says it all. I may buy the Cryo4 Gold for Bass in the future.”

Silverstein Works, D’Addario Woodwinds, e Devon & Burgani Clarinetes (Europan representative) artist, is considered among their peers as a “brilliant clarinet player” (Juan Ferrer) “musically and technically very talented” (Radovan Cavallin), standing out also with the “sense of responsibility which sees every challenge” (Sergio Burgani).

Started his musical studies at the age of 6, in his hometown, Lanhelas (Caminha). He did his basic training (1992/1998) in the Profesional Music School in Viana do Castelo studying with teachers like Filipe Lopes da Silva, Alberto dos Santos Vieira, Asterio Leiva and Francisco Perez Rodriguez, ending in 1998 with the highest ratings. During his academic path was awarded with the 2.º Prize of the Woodwind category in the “Juventude Musical Portuguesa” competition and an honourable mention in the competition of the Portuguese Clarinet Association.

In 2002 joined the Superior School of Music in Lisbon where he was student of Professor Manuel Jeronimo, having completed his training with distinction in 2005.

Attended master classes with Hakan Rosengreen, Alain Damians, Luís Gomes, António Saiote, Nuno Pinto, Nuno Silva, Guy Dangain, Larry Comps, Paul Meyer, Etienne Lamaison, Radovan Cavallin, Justo Sanz, Guy Deplus, Michael Rusinek, Philippe Berrod, Jonathan Cohler, Jacques Di Donato, Jéróme Verhaeghe, Henri Bok, Dominique Vidal, Matthias Mueller, Juan Ferrer, Jose Luis Estelles, Andrew Simon, among others.

Since 1999 is part of the Portuguese Navy Band, playing Eb and solo clarinets.

Márcio has collaborated with various orchestras, such as Orquestra Nacional de Sopros dos Templários, Orquestra ARTAVE, Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, West European Studio Orchestra, Real Filarmonia da Galiza, under the baton of referenced conductors as Emílio de César, António Saiote, Jean-Marc Burfin, Brian Schembri, Martin André, Machel Zilm, Helmuth Rilling, among others.

He shared stage with renowned musicians like Radovan Cavallin, Justo Sanz, Sérgio Burgani, Luís Afonso Montanha, Ana Pereira, António Saiote, Nuno Pinto, Nivaldo Orsi, José Pereira, Nuno Silva, Andrew Simon, Alexandre Ribeiro, Piero Vincenti, Mário Laginha, Françoix Leleux, Pedro Ribeiro, Marco Pereira, José Batista Jr., among many others.

In its most recent activity stands out in 2015 a concerto in São Paulo, Brazil, with the prestigious clarinet quintet “Sujeito a Guincho”, having at the same time integrated the International Jury of the 2nd Devon & Burgani competition for young Clarinettists; Already in 2016 was present at the 6th European Festival Clarinet in Italy as a guest artist, performing two recitals, solo and chamber music. In the coming months has scheduled concerts in England, France (Toulon), Portugal (ClarMeet Port 2016) and Brazil (18º Festival Music in the Mountains in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais). Márcio plays Devon e Burgani clarinets, Silverstein Cryo4 Ligatures, D’Addario X25E mouthpiece and Reserve classic reeds.