Darren Rahn

Ambipoly Reeds:

“The Ambipoly Classic is the most resonant and expressive synthetic reed I have played to date. It exhibits great consistency from reed to reed, and blows freely and evenly, lasting longer than other synthetics I’ve tried. Most importantly, it allows my musical voice to speak with clarity and depth. The Ambipoly Classic is another fine example of Silverstein’s continuing legacy of excellence.”

Titanium Tenor Sax:

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Silverstein has stepped up their ligatures once again. This Titanium Tenor ligature is an absolute joy to play. It allows for outstanding reed vibration and purity of tone across the entire range of my horn. Altissimo notes are more stable and the low register of the horn speaks effortlessly. I’m loving this ligature!”

MAESTRO (Titanium) Soprano Sax:

“I recently had the opportunity to try the new MAESTRO Titanium ligature on my soprano and was complete blown away! Wow… somehow Silverstein has taken it up yet another notch. The MAESTRO Titanium is even more open and allows the reed to vibrate to its maximum potential. It sounds extremely natural and retains fullness over the entire range of my horn. Sorry guys, you can’t have the prototype back… seriously… it’s staying on my soprano”

HEXA Ligature:

“Silverstein has revolutionized the ligature. I’ve had the pleasure of trying several different models and they all play incredible! I’ve played the HEXA on all my saxophones and love it. It blows so freely and allows me to achieve an open, unobstructed sound. It’s full and balanced, maximizing overtones without losing any projection. I also love that I can tailor the positioning of the HEXA on the mouthpiece to get the sound and response just where I like it. Hats off to Silverstein for an impressive feat of engineering. The workmanship is impeccable and these ligatures are true works of art, both visually and audibly. Most importantly, they sound amazing and bring out the best in me as a player.”



Rahn’s tireless commitment to musical authenticity over the past 25 years has resulted in multiple Grammy nominations and more than 25 #1 Billboard singles as a solo artist/saxophonist, producer and mix engineer. The multi-talented, Canadian born, Denver based artist’s multi-faceted journey reaches yet another key milestone with the release of Rock The World, a hallmark album that taps perfectly into the Zeitgeist of these anxious times while revealing an ever-evolving artist at the pinnacle of his creative, melodic, spiritual and sonic expressions. On this new release, Rahn intuitively and artfully uses instrumental music to reflect not only just how the world has been rocked, but offers a meaningful path forward on how we can rock back, get through the dark, daunting obstacles and move ahead with hope. True to the empowering and provocative album title, Rahn embraces the stark reality of the moment with optimism, forging and illuminating the road ahead by rocking the world with the gifts he, his core band (including bassist Mel Brown, drummer Tarell Martin and twin brother Jason Rahn on trumpet), guitarists Randy Jacobs, Allen Hinds, Adam Hawley and Paul Jackson, Jr., vocalist Biff Gore, his flutist wife Priscilla Rahn and dynamic all-star guests (Brian Bromberg, Dave Koz, Najee, Everette Harp, Brian Culbertson) have been blessed with.

After launching his career producing, engineering and mixing in the late 90s, he became the ultimate urban jazz hyphenate as an artist/producer in the 2000s, following his success with Tisdale (which included the #1 hit remake of “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now”) with behind the scenes roles as producer, composer, arranger and/or mix engineer for music on five Dave Koz projects (Greatest Hits, Hello Tomorrow, Summer Horns, Gifts Of The Season, and A New Day ). His dual careers reached a unique crescendo when his own single “Talk of the Town” hit #1 on the Billboard jazz chart and he scored three consecutive #1 productions (14 weeks in all) on the Billboard smooth jazz chart, holding the top position with Koz, Eric Darius and Tim Bowman. During this time, Rahn held the top three chart positions for several weeks and had as many as four songs in the Top Ten at the same time. Over the years, as his detail-oriented sonic excellence led to more and more hit recordings, his resume has grown to include everyone from Toby Keith, Jonathan Butler and Najee to Bob James, Dave Koz, Rick Braun, Jeffrey Osborne, Phil Perry, Eric Darius, Jeff Lorber, Brian Bromberg, Michael Lington, Kirk Franklin, Jonathan Fritzen, Julian Vaughn, Blake Aaron, Lebron, Riley Richard, the late Nick Colionne, and many others.

Rahn is an endorsing Ambipoly Artist with Silverstein Works.

You can learn more and connect with Darren via social media at www.darrenrahn.com