We have met so many wonderful musicians — from true beginners to acclaimed artists — that it has made every day of the past 10 years a real blessing! Our involvement with this diverse community — to hear their music, to know their stories, to become friends — this gives us courage to continue building a vibrant musical culture for the future.

There is much to celebrate in 10 years of doing business. To start, we would like to recognize and honor music teachers and schools who seed, inspire and foster the future of music. With their dedication, this world will yet be a more beautiful place to live for the coming decades and generations.

As a token of our appreciation, we are offering to teachers and schools a small care package of innovative woodwind accessories.

What's in the package?

  • Rich harmonics over a full dynamic range
  • Feels, plays and sounds like cane
  • Secure¬†articulation and intonation
  • Stable to temperature, humidity and altitude
  • Absorbs water for harmonic coherence
  • Food-safe synthetic material
  • Highly durable for months of playing time
  • Perfectly customizes in minutes
  • Comfortable even when speaking
  • Braces compatible
  • Re-usable, re-moldable
  • Estimated product lifetime: 12 months
  • Biomedical grade material¬†
  • Made in the USA
  • Patented tooth guide for students
  • Perfect tool for¬†embouchure training
  • Curved edge for better air sealing
  • Safe, silicone materials
  • Color: black or clear
  • Thickness: 0.80mm or 0.35mm
  • Convenient 3-pack

Welcome All School Teachers and Staffs!

Also, Meet us at TMEA # 201