Marquinho Sax

As a saxophonist and professor of music. one of the pillars in my methodology is COMFORT, and I repeat this in all masterclasses and workshops. A lot of musicians don’t know that when your setup is comfortable, the music flows easily, naturally. When I received my first Silverstein ORIGINAL and straddled my mouthpiece, in the first attack I could feel the incredible ease of play throughout extension of the instrument. With the FINE TUNERS of Silverstein I have full control of the “color” of my sound in all occasions like never before. In my opinion, the world of ligatures is now divided into two ages: B.S. and A.S. (before Silverstein Works and after Siverstein Works) Thank you, Team Silverstein for developing such a useful tool for us musicians.” ~Marquinho Sax

Marquinho Sax is a Saxophonist and Recording Artist born and living in Brazil. He started his musical career playing acoustic guitar in 1990, and migrated to the saxophone in 1993.

In 1998, he joined at FAMUSC (College of Music and Arts Santa Cecilia – Pindamonhangaba-SP) in the course of Bachelor of Saxophone.

In 2004, at the invitation of Paulinas-COMEP label, Marquinho Sax played in duo with Pianist Gilbert Natalio and recorded the first instrumental album, with the proposal to offer to the market a series of albums with popular religious songs but with a new look. Making use of the nobility of the acoustic piano combined with the softness of saxophones, the duo has recorded 5 albums playing music of famous artists of the religious sector and, one with Christmas classics album.

As a recording artist has recorded over 500 albums in various musical genres with Brazilian singers and instrumental bands.

Since 2003 Marquinho Sax has made his presence known in the famous “Festival de Inverno” (Winter Festival) in Campos do Jordão, playing throughout the winter in the best restaurants and hotels of the “Brazilian Switzerland”.

After several years traveling around Brazil with performances in various types of social and corporate events, Marquinho Sax in 2014 was invited and performed a tour of Europe releasing the album “DREAM MUSIC”, playing in 6 cities in 4 countries: Frankfurt – Germany, Brussels – Belgium, Lille and Paris – France, Zurich and Luzern – Switzerland.

Since 2011, Marquinho Sax has a chair as Senior Teacher at MyMusicTalk Sax, one of the largest communities of international saxophonists.

In January 2016, he was invited to the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, and in February, was invited to perform at “V Seminario Internacional de Lutheria (V international Lutheria Seminary) in Mendoza, Argentina.

In April 2016, Marquinho Sax was invited to be the saxophone teacher of the largest Brazilian virtual music school CIFRACLUB with over 3,000,000 subscribers. His weekly videos exceed 5,000 views in a few hours.

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