Photo credit: Michel Nuñez


Lara Díaz is a Spanish active Clarinetist and Bass Clarinetist soloist and freelancer. Ms. Díaz has performed at major festivals in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Asia. With Trio Contrastes she works disseminating contemporary music, having premiered several works specially composed for this chamber music group and for her.

In her new project, The Formica’s Age Duo (bass clarinet and violin), they perform completely new works written specifically for the group, and for that reason the acquisition of this repertoire is a dynamic process, not a compilation work, but a work of commission the pieces to the composers, creation and immediate interpretation, as it was in past times of the History of Music. The aim is to expand the repertoire and possibilities of an instrument (the bass clarinet) that has become essential in contemporary music, and to be involved in the creation of new music by collaborating actively with composers from very different backgrounds and compositional tendencies, the result of our openness to novelties, both in instrumentation and in style.

She takes part in the international bass clarinet quartet Four New Brothers, too, helping to create and disseminate the repertoire for the instrument.

Lara is often invited to teach masterclass, and to performance at international clarinet festivals (ICA ClarinetFest 2018, 2019 and 2020,  5th ,6th ,7th 9th and 10th European Clarinet Festival,  Dream Clarinet Academy, Baoding- China 2017, International Festival “Il mondo d’il clarinetto” by Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto, 2nd Symposium for Clarinetists – UNESP 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, ClarMeet Porto ’16 ’17 and’18 , 18th Encontro Internacional de Clarinete, Lisboa 2017, Clariperu’s VII Taller para Jóvenes Clarinetistas and IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Clarinetistas 2018 and 2019…). She acts as member of the international jury at clarinet competitions too.

Lara Díaz is the Spanish Board Member of the International Clarinet Association (I. C. A.) and Board Member of the European Clarinet Association (ECA), and the Spanish Board Member of International Bass Clarinet Association (I.B.C.A.).

She teaches in Salamanca (Conservatorio Profesional de Música), leading “Antonio Romero” clarinet master classes since 2003 and also leading the “Salamanca’s Clarinet Ensemble”. Wind section leader of the “City of Salamanca” Symphony Orchestra, with which she has performed as a soloist on several occasions. She collaborates regularly with other orchestras, also as a soloist.  She has played with renowned clarinet players as a soloist or in chamber music recitals.

Lara Diaz is a Royal Clarinets Performing Artist (Soloist model), and Silverstein Legatures performing artist, and she is an endorser of Silverstein bass clarinet Alta reeds.

Ms. Díaz has also received a Ph.D. in Spanish and Latin American literature at the University of Salamanca.