“I’ve been playing Silverstein ligatures for some years now and I could not be any happier with my choice. As their product range expands, I am always amazed how the team pushes boundaries and comes up with products that actually help us players.”

Born in 1991 in Southern Germany, saxophonist Daniel Steigleder has already left his mark on the German music scene and has quickly become one of the most in demand live and session musicians of his generation. In his young career he has already played concerts and tours all over Europe as a sought after sideman, conducts workshops and masterclasses and arranges music for
up-and-coming pop acts and show bands. He is widely recognized for his horn section work for established pop artists, such as Alice Merton, Bülent Ceylan and Luca Sestak.

His horn section, UNIQHORNS, quickly built a reputation for being one of the country’s top horn sections, resulting in numerous studio recordings, commissioned arrangements and live concerts. Alongside his colleagues and friends Valentin Binz (tp) and Thomas Roscoe Weiland (trb), Daniel has worked with artists such as Alice Merton, Luca Sestak, Bosse and many more.
At the moment, the three young musicians gain recognition through their very own social media campaign #YouForgotTheHorns, adding horn section parts to songs that have none, but clearly need them.

In 2021, Daniel landed an internet sensation with his series #WoodwindSessions on social media. Being a top notch woodwind player, he composed and arranged music for his instruments, bass clarinet, clarinet, all saxophones and flute, resulting in a very unique sound, a distinguishable and refreshing mix of jazz, funk and pop music. Originally planned as a one-off, Daniel picked up on the series
in early 2022 and will continue to provide the world with new music every month.

As an educating artist, Daniel takes pride and joy in passing on knowledge to his students. In addition to private lessons, he also conducts workshops and coachings and writes duets, etudes and workbooks. One of his most recent releases is a selection of 15 Easy Duets for Saxophone and he is looking forward to publishing a swing music workbook in early summer of 2022.