Ambipoly Reeds:
“Indescribable feelings. The Ambiboly reed is a material that provides a consistent sound that has unique colors, with a warm and deep sound. It is perfect for my orchestra and chamber music activities.”

Vanderlei Alves has been a member of the Goiânia Symphony Orchestra since 2015. In addition to his work in the orchestra, Alves is collaborator of JC Woodwinds and active as a soloist and chamber player, among other groups. He developed an intense activity as Principal Clarinet in UFG Contemporary Music Ensemble. Goiania Trio (clarinet, violin and piano) making some recordings.

Vanderlei Alves comes from a region of northeast Brazil. He was born in Teresina, in the state of Piauí. His first musical clarinet instruction came from Wilker Marques and Francisco Santos, who were members of Teresina Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Alves has experience in the area of Arts, with an emphasis on musical performance, chamber music and orchestral music. He received his Bachelors degree in clarinet performance from University of Goias with Dr. Johnson Machado. He has a postgraduate degree in higher education teaching from FABEC (Brazilian Faculty of Education and Culture). As an educator he was a clarinet and chamber music professor at the Federal Institute of Goias. For two years (2014 and 2015) he was a principal clarinet in the Goiás State Symphonic Band and Clarinet Professor at the Goiás State Department of Education, Culture and Sport.

Alves was a finalist in numerous competitions. In 2016 received the 1st prize and public prize in the IV Competition of Young Talents Music: Mansueto Barbosa Trophy. In 2018 studied clarinet performance with Dr. McClellan in the exchange program at Hugh Hodgson School of Music – University of Georgia.

He Participated as a scholarship holder of music festivals such as Rocky Ridge Music Center, Colorado-USA, Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão, Music Workshop of Curitiba, CIVEBRA (International Summer Course of the Music School of Brasilia) where he had classes with clarinetists from some of the most renowned institutions in music education such as: Boston Conservatory, Longy School of Music – Boston, Lyon Conservatory, University of Georgia, Texas Tech University, School of Music – The University of Iowa, and Higher School of Music and Arts from Porto.