Mantono Del Valle González

“Since I’ve been using the Silverstein ligature, I’m feeling very comfortable, because before when I was using others ligatures I had the problem that my reeds sometimes were moving and didn’t hold properly on my mouthpiece. Now, I’m very happy with my Silverstein ligature.” ~ Marco Antonio Del Valle González (Mantono)

Mantono started studying music at the age of 10, with his master Remberto Sotomayor Garcia . He has been playing saxophone since he was 15 years old, he started performing professionally at the age of 17 years old in several clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Concerts and bands.

Mantono is a multi instrumentalist musician with a bubbly personality and he plays with good quality. He skims through his songs with ease and presents himself with immaculate style on stage. His sound is clear and he has great rapport with the makings of a great player, his music performed on stage is very interesting, it is a pleasure listen to his sound .

Mantono is a professional musician and has been playing for many years around Colombia, Latin America , Europe and Asia. Fulfilling contracts in 5 stars hotels and having performances at high level events as a professional guest player, in events of high fashion shows, corporate gigs and for opening clubs.