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Dr. Larry R. Linkin – Former NAMM President

"Alta Reeds are the best cane reeds I have played in my long career.  The cut is far superior to anything else available.  The 10/10 return policy is the newest idea EVER in the reed business world-wide.  Once a player tries an Alta, I am certain that players from all over the world will be playing them soon."

Maryanne Lacaille – Solo Performer & Educator

"Alta Reeds process the ingredients for the making of a perfectly balanced reed. Cane quality is outstanding in that Alta cane is harvested from one of the finest regions in the world and due to this natural environment has a longer memory life which allows it to hold up to rigorous playing conditions as well as climate changes."

Thomas Piercy – Soloist

I found the Silverstein ALTA reeds to be incredibly consistent and played immediately with a vibrant sound quality and feeling.  The ALTA reeds made it easy for me to bring alive the sound I have in my head for the many different types and styles of music I perform. The reeds had excellent response in all registers, including beautiful pianissimo entrances.  They were flexible enough to allow the many different types of articulation demands placed on performers, maintaining a richness and fullness of sound. I was impressed with the quality of the cane and the consistency of the cut.  The Quality Guarantee – Replacement Service is one which I think most players – professional as well as students – will find very useful (if ever needed). I feel very comfortable and secure in rehearsal, on stage, and in the recording studio knowing I will be able to get the sound I want without having to fight the reed to get it. Thank you, Silverstein, again, for bringing another wonderful tool to clarinetists to help us make our music.

Paul Demers

“I find the Silverstein [ALTA Select] reeds to be incredibly consistent. I am amazed at how well the reeds are balanced left to right and how well they vibrate from front to back. I can feel the entire vamp vibrating without having to make any adjustments. They are easy to control in softer dynamics and at the same time keep a beautiful sound when playing loud.”

Dr. Katie Morell – Clarinet Professor at Marywood University

“Extremely responsive from the start - very dark, rich sound, and very clear articulation.”

Kristine Dizon – Chamber Musician, Educator, Conductor

"Alta reeds are absolutely fantastic. Not only are they consistent, but they really let me blow through the instrument throughout all the registers of the instrument. Silverstein's policy about returning reeds is fantastic, but they are that good that I haven't had to return any!"

Don Glenn

“The product [ALTA Select Reed] is great! I'm very excited for these in a way I haven't been excited by reed offerings in a long time. The service so far is above all others.”

David Thompson

[Regarding the replacement service] “This is an excellent idea, however, I did not need to take advantage of it since all 10 reeds were fully acceptable!”

Nathan Magley

“Very responsive, even, flexible, warm sound.”

Meghan Merciers

“I switched to ALTA reeds because of the homogeneity of sound over the full range of the instrument, the ease of response, the dynamic flexibility, and the number of playable reeds per package. However, the greatest selling point is the exchange program for those few that do not work with my setup. This is a wonderful service for our community!"

Joel Nalewajek

“I was very satisfied with the [ALTA Select Reeds]. I was able to play more out of the box and found them to be very consistent. I also like the replacement option.”

Neil Michelson

“Seems to be an extremely well made reed with very tight tolerances. Appears to have a very solid core and I think these reeds will hold up better than perhaps any reed I've ever played.”

Roland Rizzo

“The cane is extremely even, the cut is consistent reed to reed and the replacement reed service is unique.”

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