For Standard Size Mouthpieces

Using Sizing Chart

There are separate Sizing Charts for the Saxophone and Clarinet. Click on the appropriate link on the right according to your instrument.
Try to first find your mouthpiece make and model to see which Silverstein Ligature Model will fit.
If your particular mouthpiece is not on the list, you can measure your mouthpiece dimensions to figure out which model will be best for you. Measure the diameter (using a Caliper) or the circumference (using a tape measure) on the thickest part of the mouthpiece. Find your measurements in the sizing chart to see which Silverstein Ligature Model will fit.
If there is an overlap in your measurements, for example it seems to fit more than 1 size, we recommend you choose your specific instrument type and the smaller version.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your size, make sure to contact our support team!

For Bari Sax. and Irregular Mouthpieces

Sample COT

Using Customization Order Template (COT)

If you don’t have access to a Caliper for a tape measure, our Customization Order Template can help us determine your size as well:
To use the C.O.T., download the Template and the Sample Picture by clicking on the buttons at the right of the screen. Print out the Template, and place your mouthpiece straight on the grid. Simply snap 2 pictures from directly above the sheet of paper (like in the Sample picture), 1 with the mouthpiece on its bottom and 1 on its side, and send them to us at Our friendly engineers and staff will take care of the rest.
Silverstein Works also offers Customization options for those mouthpieces that are not offered as a standard size or may have been custom made. Baritone saxophones and custom or vintage mouthpieces for example can be created. The measurements and COT (Customization Order Template) allows us to measure your mouthpiece in a variety of ways. Contact us if you have any questions!