“In 2016 he spent 4 months living in Ireland where he represented Avondale Community College (his school there) playing the clarinet or the piano (he plays it as a hobby) in different acts such as Open Day, or the International Conference in Instructional Leadership 2016 in The Mount Wolseley Hotel.

In 2017 he started his Bachelorette in Health Sciences, but then changed to a Bachelorette in the Scenic Arts and finally decided he would go for a Musical Bachelorette from which he graduated in May 2019, as well as from his middle grade conservatory musical education, both with top grades and Honors.

In December 2018 he auditioned for the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London to study his Bachelor in performance there starting in September 2019, and got accepted, receiving a Guildhall School Financial Award. He has received masterclasses and has studied in various different summer courses with teachers such as Carlos Gil, Cesar Martín, Ivan Marín, José Luis Estellés or Andreas Sunden, the last of which, clarinet teacher in Stockholm’s Conservatory, referred to him as a “very talented 14 year old” back in 2016 when he taught Beñat in Panticosa’s International “Tocando el cielo” Festival. His two tutors throughout the last 11 years have been Mikel Juaniz (in his first music school) and José Ángel Cabezón (in Pablo Sarasate’s Conservatory), who have guided him through the professional and personal decisions he has had to take at different stages of his musical career, as well as having shaped him as a clarinet player, being the founders of his technique and knowledge of the instrument.

He has taken part in different competitions, not only music related ones, he also loves writing and public speaking. He won the English Literary Competition in his school 5 years in a row, or wrote poems and texts for different educational projects. He has been invited to perform as a soloist to different cultural events like literary award galas organized by his local government. The last music competition in which he took part was Fernando Remacha’s XV Chamber Music competition which he won with his clarinet, violin and piano trio.

Outside of his education, Beñat is someone who has been exposed to different realities and cultures in his life (living in Ireland, his Basque culture, changing school various times…) making him a mature open minded boy. He feels lucky to have undergone as much change as he has, because, as he states, “it has not only helped me to meet incredible people along the way who I shall always be grateful to for their many lessons, but it has also shown me what things are really like on a wider scale, making me more adaptive to change, which is a very useful quality now that I’m becoming of age and I’m going to leave home”. Friends and people that have grown up with Beñat usually refer to him as someone who “gets along with everyone, and everybody likes, a laugh to be with and always ready to help”. Beñat is not even 18 yet, but he is already a man with full shaped dreams, like being able to perform as a soloist with a nice orchestra someday. ”