The World's First Reed Quality Guarantee Program

For Subscription Customers in Overseas Only.

We are proud to offer the World's First Quality Guarantee Replacement Service for our ALTA Select Reeds .

If you are in USA, please follow replacement service instructions on a return sticker included in your ALTA package received.
This page is only for subscription customers outside of USA..

Terms and Conditions

1. No cherry picking – Only non-usable, unplayable reeds will be eligible to be returned for replacement.
2. Any reed showing signs of extended use will not be accepted for replacement.
3. Replacement for alternate reed strength is not permitted.
4. The replacement reed(s) will be shipped with next month delivery.


It is our belief that every company should be able to stand by the quality of its products.
Unfortunately, in the woodwind reed industry, this is a business practice that has been overlooked for the last 100+ years. The quality marketed by these reed companies is high and promising but the reality of these reeds is inconsistent and too often underwhelming.

The worst part is that customers are held responsible. For instance out of a box of ten reeds, only half or even less than half are playable, and the other half is simply not what the customer paid for.
After all these years, reed companies have never been held accountable and it’s been embedded in the consumers’ mind that the number of reeds playable out of a box of ten is a matter of luck.

In fact, reed is the only consumer product which cannot be exchanged or refunded against bad quality.

This unfair customer treatment has been costing musicians a lot of money and is steadily drawing away future musicians. We want to correct this perception and completely redefine the standards.

We will guarantee the playability of our reeds, and any unplayable reeds would be replaced without question.
Coupling this exchange service with our continual effort to make the highest quality reed is our way of combatting the high price of reeds, and we wholeheartedly welcome other reed companies to follow our lead into taking full responsibility of their products.


Regarding this ambitious plan, many industry friends and insiders raised concerns of customers’ possible cherry-picking behavior to define “good” and “bad” reeds.
Cherry-picking is when a customer differentiates a “good” reed from a “bad” reed by simply selecting from what is given, instead of defining good reeds in an absolute sense of quality and playability.
If cherry-picking behavior becomes widely practiced, we may not get very far in achieving our mission.

Our replacement guarantee program covers unplayable reeds only. All replacement request must be completed within 30 days from the purchase date.

Silverstein Works may change the terms and conditions without notice to individual customers.

But we strongly believe that our customers will use their wisest discretion in this reed selecting process in order for us to grow this service not into a viable business model but into a grand statement.

We hope that our customers understand our intentions and believe in our mission as strongly as we do.

In return, we will continuously strive to offer the best possible reeds and guarantee their quality. We hope this program makes leading manufacturers of this industry fully guarantee the quality of their products as we do.

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