Friendly Reward Program

Easy to earn

When you purchase from our online shop, you will earn Silverstein Notes based on a rate of program running at the time. You MUST be a registered member to earn the rewards.

Standard rate: 3 Notes per $1. (Starting Dec. 1st, 2020)

Easy to use

You can use the Notes you earn at any of your next purchase, in full or partial amount. 100 Notes equals to $1.

Maximum amount paid by the Note is limited to 50% of total cart value. (30% for reeds)

Valid for 12 months

Your Notes will be valid for 12 months from the date of earning. 

Earn 3 Notes on Every Dollar.

-Reward rate of the Silverstein Note program will be changed by our marketing program. Such change may happen without prior notice. However, such change will not affect total value of Notes you already own.

-Reward rate may vary by product, total purchase value. Such variation may be changed without prior notice.

-Use of the Note may not be allowed when another coupon applied.

-The entire Silverstein Note Program may be modified or deleted at any time without prior notice.