Name of Parts

1. Power On/Off switch

2. USB charging port

3. LED indicators

4. Curing station

5. Reflecting mirror

6. Monitoring window

7. Reed holding plates

8. Holding plate unit cover

3. Reed rail with O3 paths

1. Open the box and find 3 items;

• Carrying pouch
• USB Charging cable
2. Charge REEDCURE prior to the first use.

• It may take 2~3 hours.
• A full charge will be sufficient for 30 cycles of operation.

LED indicator
• Red: Charging
• Blinking Red: Low battery
• Blue: Charging completed
3. Adjust reed holding plate.

• Tips of the plate should be flat to the surface.
• Refer GOOD & BAD illustration.
• Adjust as necessary.

4. The holding plates should put minimum pressure on reeds. Adjust accordingly.

• For thicker reeds, raise the tip to make more gaps.
• For thinner reeds, lower the tip to reduce the gaps.
• Feel free to detach the reed holding unit for convenient adjustment.
5. Insert your reeds to the rail.

• Make sure reeds are not bent by pressure from the reed holding plates.
• You may remove the reed holding plate unit if necessary. REEDCURE can work without the plate unit.
6. As you close the cover with power switch on, REEDCURE begins 5 minutes curing cycle.

• If UV lamp does not turn on, push power switch to turn on the device.
• When done, UV lamp turns off automatically.
• Turn off the power switch.
• Do not repeat the curing process on the same reed(s) until you use again. Over-curing may make the reeds sound brittle and reduce core.


* Do not stare at the UV lamp for long time.
* Do not drop the product or apply unreasonable forces.
* Clean as often as possible for the better results.
* Do not disassemble the device. Warranty will be voided.
The First Curing Device for Reeds

REEDCURE is the first device which revitalize reeds after use by releasing stress on reed vascular structure. In 5 minutes, it can revive original character of reeds. The device reduce warpage and  make reeds play healthy and fresh during a life span of the reeds. (**Be reminded that the curing effect will be diminished as a reed gets repeatedly used.)

So Simple and Easy

Just load your reeds and close it. In 5 minutes, all curing process get done. Simply push a power switch to turn off curing function so that REEDCURE becomes an ideal reed case. 4 reeds of any size (Soprano, Alto, Tenor saxophone and Eb, Bb Clarinet) can be treated together. The device uses a standard USB charger of your own. Single charge is good for ~30 curing cycles.

With UV Light and Ozone

Load your reeds in the REEDCURE and close the cover, assured in the knowledge that the next time you play, you play pure. For your reeds, the combination of UV and Ozone will reach into all corners to revitalize and sterilize.

For Your Health

The REEDCURE has been lab tested against various strains of bacteria and infection-causing microbes that when left unattended can cause a variety of health problems. The device is 99.9% effective against several notable infections, including: Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, MRSA