Sinan Keskin

Sinan Keskin was born in Bakirkoy, Istanbul in 1985. He started his saxophone training in 2003 at Pera Fine Arts. He received his saxophone training at Pera Fine Arts from Ahmet Kara and his harmony training from Serhat Akyol. He then had the chance to work with Yahya Dai at Kultur University Academy Harmony and continued his education with Mumin Sallıel.

In his musical carreer , Sinan Keskin played with a lot of artists, orchestras, and bands. In 2009, he played in a project Doğa İçin Çal – (Play for nature) which was watched by over 40 million people worldwide. He published his first e.p called ”Aşkından Sarhoşum” with a band called İroni , which Keskin formed. The last album he participated is La Descarga’s ‘Achillipu’ in 2013.

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