Simon Spiess

“”I have tried so many different ligatures in the past years, I was constantly growing and searching for the right one. And now my research has finally come to an end, because I found Silversein Works. I’m very amazed about what this ligature can do. It allows the reed to vibrate clearly and I’m able to adjust the ligature in many different ways so that various overtones can be spawned. That means I can make my sound unique and I can play with more sound characteristics than ever before. My sound is more direct, dark and raspy like never before. Silverstein Works supports my sound perfectly, like I hear it for my inner ear! A must have for all professional saxophonists! Thank you Silverstein for this amazing product!” – Simon Spiess

Simon Spiess could through his talent already with 15 years of age share the stage with Randy Brecker, Donny McCaslin, Greg Tardy, Michael Backer a.m. (Jazzaar Concerts Aarau) and with 17 begin his studies at Musikhochschule Basel, from where he graduated as Master of Arts in Musikpädagogik. The musician was three times awarded with prizes for his tireless work in various projects and thereby lived in Paris and Berlin (Rentsch 2011, Kt. Solothurn in 2012 and Kt. Aargau 2014). Simon Spiess is a very sensitive and open musician and composer, and through his work as a bandleader and sideman, he has made a name in the European scene, which steadily extends around the world. His main project is called Simon Spiess Trio with Bänz Oester (Double Bass) and Jonas Ruther (Drums). He released already nine recordings as a frontman. Simon Spiess is a member of the Silverstein Works Pro team since 2016.

Selected quotes:

Round 4! is a beautiful, lyrical recording from Simon Speiss Trio. Simon has an abundance of emotional depth in his playing and has presented a compelling collection of songs that highlight his lyricism and expression. A wonderful record.” (Donny McCaslin)

„Simon Spiess ist ein wahres Saxophonwunder. Er hat einen grossen Sound und eine absolut fesselnde erzählerische Gestaltungskraft, wie sie auch ein Dewey Redman besass. Dies ist heutzutage eine Seltenheit und damit wird er zu einer der wichtigen Figuren, welche die Essenz des Jazz in seiner ganzen Tiefe hörbar machen.“ (Harald Haerter)

Der Saxophonist hat einen Sound, der schnell auffällt und den Schweizer Simon Spiess mitten ins Rampenlicht rückt. Sonor, mit grossem Atem, luftig, aber auch prägnant führt uns dieses Saxophon ins Herz der grossen Jazzgeschichte von 1955 bis 1965. Aber Simon Spiess ist weder Epigone noch Nostalgiker. Seine Musik stammt ganz aus dem Heute.“ (JazzThing)

Stardane is a well thought out eclectic CD; featuring sensitive group interplay, lyrical improvisations,and a vast array of styles and influences. Supported by a superb band, saxophonist Simon Spiess delivers a patient and commanding performance with a lush sound; whether on tenor or alto.” (Greg Tardy)

“Stardance brings the listener an evocative and lyrical, rhythmically engaging collection of sound stories. The Simon Spiess trio are all players with nimble, skilled touch on their instruments who deliver a tasteful and convincing performance. The music here has an energetic often hypnotic atmosphere, quiet and graceful one moment, fiery and challenging the next. The improvisations are adventurous and the grooves are dynamic. A wide sonic palette, a nice mix of textures along with the great sound each person gets on the instrument makes Stardance a real pleasure to hear.” (Chris Cheek)

“The Simon Spiess Trio invites the listener in with strong melodies, carefully attended by bandleader. One is met with a clear feeling of dedication and attention to every detail as the trio floats on a lively grid of the dusty sounding rythmsection. A beautiful broad sounding album that shows great promise for the future of this young Swiss/German trio.” (Mikkel Ploug)

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