Roberto “Tito” Hinojosa

“For the first time I find a true symbiosis between my mouthpiece and ligature, truly one is able to explicitly perceive the enhancement frequencies throughout the range of the instrument, amazing invention”.

Roberto “Tito” Hinojosa, born in 1987 in the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, at the age of 10, after his parent’s influence decides interested in music. Playing at first flutes and guitar his father “Robin” Hinojosa (Mexican guitarist virtuous jazz fusion lover) suggests the young apprentice to play the saxophone.

The extraordinary speed and natural way of understanding music pushes Tito to play shows and events, most however he continuos searching the level, they do get involved with the JAZZ.

In short time the young musician began to be recognized for his improvisational skills and high capacity for teaching and became famous in his home city. Then he choose to display his skills using YouTube, receiving an impressive worldwide acceptance since the early days of exposure network. This project with Tito Tips, supporting hundreds of students around the world to meet the challenges of improvisation.

He has participated in national and international JAZZ Festivals, actually he present was invited by guitarist of Mexican Jazz Emmanuel Mora to join the legendary JAZZ Fusion group Xaman, the band will release their first album having Tito as part of the group in 2015.

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