Phil French

Phil’s lifelong passion for music started at the age of nine, which is when he began formal saxophone training in the Maryland public school system. He honed his music skills while playing in the church at Shiloh Church of God 7th Day, located in Hyattsville, Maryland. As a youth, Phil continued to play the saxophone in both the Christian and secular arenas.

Phil’s call and desire is to use the gifts that God has given him in music as a language to cross all barriers including but not limited to race denomination, religion and color.

Phil French plays the saxophone in a manner that appeals to all types of people liking all genres of music. He’s available to perform for all types of events. i.e. weddings, concerts, conferences, festivals, etc.

Phil not only plays music; he is a preacher and teacher of the Word of God – focusing on praise and worship and righteous living. Phil loves to empower the assemblies with the revelation of the Word of God. Phil ministers in a manner that reaches all cultures, nationalities, and types of people. We believe that God doesn’t discriminate according to one’s color, background or history. Phil consistently ministers that God constantly wants a sacrifice of our lives. He notes that without an intimate worship relationship with God, it’s literally impossible to serve God in Spirit and in Truth. For all of mankind must know that we are absolutely nothing without Christ being the head of our lives.

Phil French’s mission is to reach everyone with the universal language of music. He strongly believes that the right song in the right situation can make a major difference in everyone’s life. Just like David changed the atmosphere, while skillfully playing the harp before King Saul, God can use music to change the climate of any environment.

Phil’s motto is, “It’s always a “FANTASTIC DAY” be alive!”

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