Nigel’s playing career has seen him work in just about every part of the music industry from performing with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Australia to a decade running the big band for the award winning show “Rat Pack” in London’s West End theatres and across the world.  He has conducted tours across Europe and played thousands of club shows throughout the UK and Canada. You may have also heard his playing on hit TV shows like Bones and “24”.

A few years ago Nigel changed gears to share his musical knowledge and experience with others. Through Youtube Nigel’s saxophone tutorials and reviews have now reached over 8 Million People and his online Sax School membership program has grown to one of the largest in the world helping over 10,000 adult students to improve their skills.

Leading the charge with online saxophone education, Nigel and his team of tutors at have nurtured a worldwide community of saxophone learners who in turn are now growing as players and sharing their own music by recording albums and building their own Youtube audiences!

Nigel is a long time fan of Silverstein Works ligatures and has been using an original model Silverstein ligature on tenor and clarinet for many years.