Matt Criscuolo

“It’s refreshing to see a woodwind accessory company investing so much time, effort and money into their company to result in such high-quality products as Silverstein does. My CRYO ligature is amazing not only because of the aesthetic genius in the design, but also because if it’s practicality and functionality. I started with John Purcell at Manhattan school of music and I am fairly aware of how important it is for every component and variable in the musicians instrument and set-up to be optimized in order for the artist to be as free and uninhibited as possible from mechanical distractions to create music. Silverstein understands this and is obviously committed to creating and offering the highest quality products for discerning artists. Their products should be priced higher but they have made an effort to keep prices affordable to most musicians. I personally have about 20 amazing vintage and new ligatures and the Silverstein CRYO ligature is at the top of the list and is the best one by far in both design, quality, and functionality” ~ Matt Criscuolo

Matt Criscuolo is an accomplished post modern jazz saxophonist and composer from New York City. He attended Manhattan school of music and studying with Dick Oatts, Walt Weiskopf, and John Purcell.

He has performed, toured, and/or recorded with such greats such as David Murray, Harold Danko, Rich Perry, Billy Drummond, Larry Willis, Ed Soph, Tony Purrone, Steve Davis, and many more. He is also a record producer under his own label & has written Commercial jingles.

Some of his influences are Bird, Jimmy Lyons, Anthony Braxton, Ornette Coleman, David Murray, Henry Threadgill, Bunky Green, and David S. Wareto name a few. Matt performs high energy post modern Jazz steeped in the avant-garde paying homage to the bebop legacy.

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