“I am very traditional in my selection of ligatures. I have tried many but I was totally surprised when I tried the Silverstein Ligature. There seems to be more low end and air in the sound, and it is consistent throughout the range of the horn. A ligature has to have the right balance of free blowing and resistance – this ligature has it.”


Master Musician. Educator.

Tenor saxophonist, Jerry Bergonzi, is an internationally recognized jazz performer, composer, author and educator. His music is renowned for its innovation, mastery, and integrity. Relentless drive, inner fire, total command, awesome technique, elastic lyricism, rich resonance, world-class, a musical visionary, are among the rave reviews credited to his sound. Bergonzi’s music has been applauded throughout the world at festivals, concert halls, and jazz venues and his dedication to jazz music has been well documented by an extensive discography of over 150 sides.

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