“I’ve been performing on Silverstein Jazz Alta Ambipoly reeds for alto sax for 2 months ago. Due to the many variables here in Colombia including altitude, climate and temperature change, I was searching for something that would stay consistent. I’m so happy to find he Ambipoly reed It’s very reliable no matter what the circumstance. The consistency in sound, projection, flexibility, response, and warmth has been extraordinary Thank you so much Silverstein Works team for make me happy with this amazing reed.”

My Silverstein Works ligature is the Cryo 4 is wonderful Was love at first sight, this is the only ligature that I’ve ever played that fully allows the reed to vibrate freely. As a result provide me the ability to perform with ease and focus allowing for a bigger, more free-blowing response both tonally and physically. I’m impressed! I feel freedom when I play my sax, [it] provide[s] fantastic projection, and allow the reed to vibrate at its fullest potential.”

She began his musical studies at the age of 11 at Batuta -Meta. At the age of 16 she entered the preparatory school of the ASAB Faculty of Arts of the District University with professor Adalber Gaviria, later in 2014 she entered the career of artistic studies of the music program of the District University under the mentorship with Cesar Villamil. She was selected to participate as an active student in the “X International Music Festival” FEMUSC “in 2015 in Jaragua do sul Brasil. In 2016 she won a full scholarship to participate in the” VI International Music Festival “SESC” in the city ​​of Pelotas, Brazil, this same year she is part of the artistic program of the “V International Festival of Saxophone PERUSAX 2016” and of the “XV University Meeting of Saxophone” organized by UNAM in Mexico City, with the Colombian music quartet “Colombian’Sax quartet. In 2017 she was selected to participate in the “II International Saxophone Festival” in Cali Colombia. In that same year, she was the winner of the financial support scholarship granted by the FJDC District University to carry out a year of university exchange with the National University of the Arts in Buenos Aires Argentina. In 2018 she was part of the Tango ensemble of the Department of musical arts directed by Bernardo Monk, with this group she participated in large stages such as the auditorium Kirchner Cultural Center, Theater of the Usina del Arte, Cárcova Museum, in 2018 she was part of the “1st Meeting of Saxophonists focused on Tango in Buenos Aires Argentina. She has received master classes with different saxophone masters worldwide, among them; Claude Delangle France, Dilson Florêncio Brasil, Javier Valerio Costa Rica, Roberto Benitez Mexico, Emiliano Barri Argentina, and Nobuya Sugawa Japan. She participated in the “III International Saxophone Festival in Cali being part of the artistic program with the Colombiansax saxophone quartet, in that same year she was the winner of the” II competition for Instrumentalists “to be a soloist with the Symphonic Band of the District University with the work Small Czarda by Pedro Iturralde. In December 2019 she received her pre-grade degree in Musical Arts with an emphasis on Classical Saxophone with her thesis work “Joropiao” Work for saxophone quartet and llanero group, obtaining the maximum qualification and submission to a meritorious thesis. In 2020, thanks to the musical composition “Joropiao” performed with the Colombian’Sax quartet, they were selected from more than 2000 proposals at the international level to be part of the artistic program of the “III European Saxophone Congress in Trento, Italy”. Event which was postponed until 2022 by the Covid-19. Currently She is a member of the Colombian’sax Quartet as a tenor saxophonist and member of her own project Solist like Anyelisax in which he intends to share his music in an innovative format, fusing the music with new modern rhythms.