Special Edition CRYO Mouthpiece

The world's first mouthpiece made by Cryogenic process

You saw it in a sci-fi movie. We made it a reality. Silverstein Works has developed a unique Cryogenic process to treat metal alloy for better acoustic performance.
Such technology has been successfully proven by our flagship ligature CRYO4.
Now, we decided to use if for making a better mouthpiece.
Your quest for an ultimate mouthpiece ends here.
Our mouthpieces are treated in a cryogenic process, in which the metal is plunged to -300° F, and is altered on a molecular level to form one homogenous alloy.
This helps to increase the harmonic partials in the sound, resulting in richer resonance and fuller tone.
It is this addition to the manufacturing process that allows our mouthpiece to break the normal constraints of common specifications.


Cryo SE mouthpiece sound test and review (Size 8, .110)

by Paul Navidad